Hana, Maui, Hawaii

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EDITION SIZE: 250 + 10 Artist Proofs
PRINT TYPE:  Silver Halide C-Print

I felt a bit curious if I had already missed the mornings "sweet light" - after all, I had slept an extra 20 minutes beyond my alarm and I hadn't been having much shooting luck of late.  With the wind howling and the sea spray thick in the air, Mother Nature was doing her job in demanding one's attention - while my thoughts stubbornly lingered with the comfy-sleep-state I had just left and a cup of hot coffee to be enjoyed upon my return to camp.  Minutes later, I'm at the base of the Seven Sacred Pools in Hana.  It's 5:30 am.
My thoughts turn to the work and I go into auto-mode.  Tripod gets extended; camera comes out; filters are set into place; cable release is attached.  My eye is initially drawn up Oheo Gulch to the Seven Sacred Pools as her waters rush powerfully toward the sea.  I make a few frames.
I'm not sure if I noticed the color in the underbelly of the clouds "turning on" or the sun having risen and sitting gently and perfectly on the horizon first, but it was in that moment that the morning turned...magical.  Suddenly, I found myself in the perfect place at the perfect time.  To my left, I peered upwards past the Sacred Pools to the deep emerald green rainforest.  Five stark-white egrets fly by contrasting delightfully with the rainforest.  Before me, a demonstration of light so epic and sweet!    

It's at this moment when the mind quiets and words stop, and from my perspective anyways, I am left with no more words to describe this glorious dawn.  Fortunately, I'm a photographer and don't have to use words to tell you about it!