"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."  Vincent Van Gogh

As the setting sun disappears beyond the horizon, the sky darkens and the night takes hold.  Most people find refuge indoors, fleeing nightfall, where they eventually fade to sleep.  But not the night photographer!  The night photographer comes alive between dusk and dawn and explores the magical darkening world with keen senses and heightened awareness to what little light exists.  The night photographer witnesses the rotation of the planet in relation to the stars, the rising and setting moon, the interplay of light and dark.  They stay reminded that we are indeed just a small spinning paradise in a vast ocean of space - a refreshingly powerful perspective that leads to many exciting discoveries.

Night photography is not for everyone.  The rules are different here.  Things you’ve learned pertaining to photography in the light of day no longer apply.  The beauty of the landscape is veiled in darkness, hidden.  One has to see with more than just eyesight, and learn the secrets to creating compelling and dynamic photographs where others see only night. 

Curious to be introduced to this visually stunning world?  Want to learn the techniques, insightful perspectives, and creative potential to photographing at night?  Then join me, here in Maui, for a private night photography workshop, and be prepared to see the light - in the dark, and discover an entirely new world of photographic possibilities.

(5 HOURS) $500

This night workshop will allow us time for general photographic discussion, a visual presentation covering many key aspects to night photography, and hands-on shooting technique at 2-3 stunning coastal locations.

This is perfect for beginners-to-intermediate-amateur photographers who are new to the world of photographing at night, or would like to gain a deeper understanding and awareness towards creating more dynamic and compelling imagery.

The workshop will begin and end in Lahaina.  If you are staying in Lahaina/Kaanapali, I will pick you up and drop you off and provide transportation.  If you are staying in Kihei/Wailea, or elsewhere on the island, I will ask you to meet me at a location in Lahaina.

We will begin approximately an hour before sunset, and end 5 hours later.  The exact time, along with other details, will be emailed to you prior to your workshop.

Photographers should have a DSLR, a cable release, a wide-to-normal lens, and a tripod - or, you can upgrade to a Pro Kit that I have available. 

discussions to include:

•Depth of field and optimal focusing
•Painting-with-light and the various kinds of introduced light
•Working with multiple light sources
•White balance
•Light - in the dark
•Black and white versus color imagery
•”the foundation” to dynamic photography
•the Zen of photography
•And more....


My objective with this workshop is to provide you with the necessary information and inspiration to venture out into the night and begin making dynamic and expressive photographs.  You will be amazed with what you achieve in just a short time during this workshop!  With these valuable insights, an entirely new world of photographic possibilities opens up and awaits you.

We won’t be hiking or traversing long distances or dealing with hills, but we will be working at night, in the dark, and a certain amount of “adventurous spirit” is required, along with a bit of extra-care while maneuvering about - and a higher awareness than working in the daytime.  If you are scared of the dark - this is not the time or place to deal with that.  To everyone else - we are close to roads, will have plenty of lights, and will be having so much fun making sweet shots that you’re likely to never give it a second thought!