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EDITION SIZE: 45 + 5 Artist Proofs
PRINT TYPE:  Silver Halide C-Print

Earlier in the night, I was literally underneath this storm with bolts of lightning striking down all around me.  I was way to fearful to get out of the truck, but I had to try and get the shot!  So, I attempted to set the tripod up outside of the open driver-side window, touching the tripod and camera as little as possible, and to keep my body in the false-security of the vehicle.  Anyways, that didn't work very well...

A couple hours later, having followed this electrical storm around half of Nevada, I finally found a perfect position several miles away while the storm continuously struck down on this small mountain range.  This was much more comfortable!  I set up and took one 60 second exposure after another for over an hour, until the storm finally moved off, but I felt that I had achieved a couple good frames so retired for the night and headed home.  What a rush - photographing lightning!  And how wonderfully dynamic and beautiful it is in image form.