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EDITION SIZE: 45 + 5 Artist Proofs
PRINT TYPE:  Silver Halide C-Print

Just a day earlier, the weather was beautiful with blue skies - the perfect weather for the 13 hour hike to the top of Half Dome that I and a few friends accomplished.  Now, just a day later and for the rest of the week, epic stormy weather which made me (and my mom) giddy with delight.  Generally, photographing for me is a solo affair.  I guess I usually prefer it that way - it's my time to connect with nature and self, it's my "me time".  But on this occasion, there were about 20 of us family and friends camping together in Yosemite for a week, and I had asked my parents if they wanted to join me on a shooting excursion and they excitedly agreed.  My dad let me drive (can't be a passenger while looking for the shot!) and he, my mom and I were off.

Now, you have to understand my mom and weather.  She absolutely loves it!  Lightning and thunder make her scream and she loves it.  Needless to say, she had to sit up front and we became "storm chasers" for a day, jamming all around Yosemite Valley and out to Glacier Point.  Photographically, it was a great day and I was able to get several strong images.  (It was also very cool to share what I do with my parents!)

As a photographer, you gotta love weather because it allows you more daytime to be out shooting.  The day before with clear blue skies, I wasn't able to shoot anything worth mentioning all day long.  (Sure, I was focused and keeping my feet moving for 13 hours, but you get what I'm saying..) 

Stormy weather and clouds is good stuff! I know my mom would agree.