"His photographs are remarkably beautiful. They hook you at first look. But it’ s not just his eye and his way with a camera that inspired me – it’s his conviction and way with a message that broke through. Or better put – it’s the soul of his emotions that gets captured in the film. That alchemical mingling of truth and technology is mesmerizing."  -Barry Dumka


The photographs on this site represent the collection of limited edition fine art gallery prints currently available by Scott Reither.  You may purchase fine art photographic pieces on this site.  Simply click on the purchase bar below the desired image and select from the various print sizes and finished options. 

Prints are Silver Halide Archival C-Prints.  This chromogenic photographic print-type has set new standards and boundaries in the world of archival-print-quality and under normal display and home conditions, longevity is well over 100 years without fading.

All prints are accompanied with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity on verso.


I work directly with collectors and designers from around the world to create the perfect artwork for their luxurious homes and office spaces.  If you are interested in a size or finishing style not listed, or have a custom request, please contact me.

One example is a very large Under Paris I made for my exhibit at the Four Seasons in Wailea.  It is three 70x35" panels that piece together to total 70x105".  It is finished Museum Style with a Non-Glare face - adding to the sense that you can step into the Metro.

First, the silver halide c-print photograph is face-mounted to 1/8” UV museum plexiglass (glossy or non-glare), and is backed with an archival metal backing that seals and protects the print.  From there, you can finish the face-mounted print with one of the below styles:


A wood or metal inset frame is attached to the back of the face-mounted and backed print.  The result is a piece that appears to float about an inch off the wall and appears frameless.


A custom stained and milled, hard rock maple wood frame is designed and built specifically for your face-mounted print. 

The above style has a black finish and measures 1 1/4” face and 2” deep beveled sides.  There is a small 3/4" gap between the image and the frame, so the face-mounted print floats in the frame.  This style is elegant and luxurious.

The below frames are 3/4" face with 2" deep flat sides, with the same 3/4" float.  This style is streamlined and modern.    

With Wood Styles, you may choose from several different stains including: cherry/burgundy, walnut, and black.

All pieces hang by a French Cleat System for an optimal and positive connection to your wall.

Color pieces come with a glossy plexi finish and black & white images come with a non-glare plexi finish unless requested otherwise.  Non-glare plexi's max size is 48" wide.

All finished pieces are accompanied with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity on verso.

I work with the top printer and fine art finishers in the country to produce the finest quality pieces.  If you have any questions or concerns not addressed here, please contact me.


You may purchase fine art photographic pieces on this site.  Simply click on the purchase bar below the desired image and select from the various print sizes and finished options. 

You will be contacted within 2-3 days via email to confirm your order.  Prints take 3-5 weeks to deliver and framed pieces typically take 6-8 weeks to deliver.  You will be notified of approximate shipping times when your order is confirmed.  Tracking information will be provided with shipped items. 

The packing, handling and shipping charges to the U.S. (48 States) have been included into the final cost for your convenience.

Alaska, Hawaii, and International Collectors, please contact me prior to ordering for a price quote on shipping your print or framed piece.

The finishers that mount and finish the work are the best in the country and they set the standards for not only their finishing, but also their packing and crating services.  Your framed piece is guaranteed to arrive safely and in perfect condition or it will be replaced.  

If you have any questions or problems while ordering, please contact me.


A 30x45" Central with a Museum with Wood finish and glossy face hangs elegantly in a sitting area in an upscale Hong Kong office in the financial district.

A 44x44" Artist Proof of Structured Space from the Space and Solitude collection is finished in the custom milled and stained beveled black wood frame and non-glare face, balancing this upscale loft living area.

A 30x45" Moonset showcases beautifully in a custom Maple wood frame measuring 3/4" face by 2" deep sides and a medium brown Walnut finish.  The photograph, with a glossy face, has an elegant float detail between the print and the wood.

Here is a 30x45" Luminous with a Museum Style finish.  For optimal display, it is recommended you light the piece.  The combination of a face-mounted chromogenic print and some added light results in a piece that looks as if it were lit from within.

In this upscale suite, you see a custom sized Sun Star Pier presented beautifully above a queen bed.  Queen beds measure 60" wide, King's are 76" wide, and California King's are 72" wide.

In this city loft space hangs a 20x60" Autumn Rain in a custom Maple wood frame measuring 3/4" face by 2" deep sides and a medium brown Walnut finish, and a glossy face.  The width of the sofa is 72".

Here's a glimpse inside some of the homes of my collectors. 


SPACE AND SOLITUDE.  The 2014 release of Space and Solitude is my most exclusive series of limited edition photographs to date.  Editions are limited to only 45 + 5 Artist Proofs, comprising of: (15) 16x16" prints, (15) 24x24" prints, (15) 36x36" prints, and (5) 44x44" A.P.'s.  The editions are offered in a price-tier structure and set to increase as the edition sells.

Other Portfolio Details Coming Soon..
The piece will look great and can be enjoyed in normal ambient light, but if you achieve direct lighting onto the piece, you will be able to enjoy the full potential of this Silver Halide C-Print, the finest photographic print in the world.  Any light will work fine, although halogen lighting is recommended due to its clean, white light.

The glass is a UV museum quality plexiglass.  This is the right glass for this medium.  Because it is plexiglass, you must care for it properly.  Use only plexiglass cleaners and non-abrasive soft-cloths to clean when necessary.  In the case that the piece is ever scratched, the scratch can be polished out (for glossy pieces only - anti-reflective plexi can not be polished with the #2 or #3 product).  Novus makes both cleaners, polishes, and non-abrasive cloths and I recommend their product.  Follow this link to order: Novus Polish Kit

The piece has the french cleat hanging system.  Simply take the included wood or metal cleat attached to the back of the piece - figure out your measurements on the wall (remembering to measure down from the top of the piece to the cleat), use a level, and screw the board or metal cleat to the wall using sheet rock screws, high side up and out.  Now, your fine art piece will drop nicely into place and have a positive connection to the wall.

While working with collectors over the years, I have found that at times it is helpful to provide a Virtual Tour.  If you are having trouble visualizing the piece on your wall and have concerns whether the piece will work or not in a given spot, please feel free to take some snapshots of your space and send them to me in an email.  I am happy to provide you with a Virtual Tour.

If you are simply concerned with sizing, then I recommend taping out the framed dimensions on your wall.  This will give you a good sense of the optimal sizing for your space.  Sending pictures with the taped dimensions will allow me to offer the Virtual Tour in exact scale. 

If you are interested in the artwork for your corporate space, please contact me to discuss the details and pricing according to your specific needs.

Commissioned projects and assignments are welcome and I am available to travel to most destinations.  Please contact me with specific requests, projects and ideas.


I ordered one of Scott’s beautiful pictures entitled, “The Being Behind.” It recently arrived and it is even more stunning than it looked online. I love the way it is framed. As is the case with all of Scott’s photographs, this image instills a “feeling” and you are immediately drawn into the scene. You can sense the power and intensity of the image as if you were there. I hope to add to this photograph with more of Scott’s images. Thank you, Scott!!!

Sheryl Loesch
Winter Garden, Florida

I was originally introduced to Scott's work through a friend that had a few of his pieces. It was a moving experience. His work elicited an emotional response that I couldn't put into words. I found an immediate connection to his work. Since that introduction, I have acquired a number of Scott's works of art. They have simply brought my house to life! Every visitor I have comments on them, amazed by what they're seeing and his ability to create such works of art through the lens of a camera.

Scot Mathena
Flagstaff, Arizona

My husband and I have always been collectors of Art and obtaining pieces from beautiful places we visit is our favorite.  I came home one day and my husband surprised me with Scott Reither's "Contemplation" hanging in the living room and it instantly became my favorite art piece.  After seeing Scott’s collection of images, I knew I had to have more. 

A few years later, I now live and work in Southern Illinois.  When decorating my work office, I knew that it would not be complete without Scott's photography hanging on the wall. Before picking out a desk, shelving, or even a wall color, I acquired “Fury.” This has long been one of my favorites, a remarkable shot taken during the time we lived in La Jolla. It makes the room look and feel so serene. Everyone who walks into my office is just as in love with “Fury” as I am. I have recently added another work of Scott’s - “Sun Fire,” on the opposite wall as it complements “Fury” so well.

I am thrilled to consider myself a collector of Scott Reither. Getting lost in his work makes my long work days more enjoyable!
Thank you Scott for your amazing photography, and making my home and office look that much more beautiful.

Tara Robbins M.D.
Marion, IL

Hi Scott
Both arrived in perfect condition. We hung them last weekend and they look fantastic. Kudos to whoever packed them for shipping.  Best protection of all the pieces we have received over the years.  And the concerns I had about hanging with the metal cleat were for naught.  They went up easily.  Thanks again for everything, and letting us visit Maui (at least in our heads) every day.

Best wishes,

James & Linda Rudolf
Redlands, CA

My husband and I bought our first piece "Structured" from Scott on a trip to Maui last year.  We were so fortunate to have been able to be introduced to both he and his art at the Four Seasons Wailea.  It didn't take us long before we realized that we wanted to add a piece to our home.  We have placed the piece in a prominent location where we get to enjoy it on a daily basis.  We get nothing but compliments from our friends that visit as they too get to see it.  Scott was very easy to work with and even helped me decide what size would look best in my space once I had returned home.  We look forward to adding more of Scott's pieces to "Structured" and our home in the future.

Emily Johnson
La Quinta, CA

I have obviously more than a few of your pieces and Way of the Stone with the Museum with Wood frame is my favorite. I have it displayed in my bedroom and a special light for it that I leave on all the time. So, in the middle of the night it shines and acts as a nightlight but also brings out the color in the piece, it really inspires me with the whole earth, space and time part of life. I actually have a piece of yours in almost every room in my house and often find myself stopping just to look and imagine being there, as you typically capture the essence of a place and the relationship that time and the right “exposure” has on being there. I feel that “outlook” and perspective relates to everything in life. Being somewhere at the right time, with the right attitude and having the right perspective brings a multitude of beautiful results. Both in terms of results and feelings, your pieces bring me inspiration and joy.

L. Gonzales
Stoneridge, VA

This is our favorite piece of artwork in our house and it is our centerpiece in our living room. We often sit and stare at it as it acts as a window to Hawaii. You can almost see the clouds floating through the sky and the tide rolling in on the beach. Any time we've had a stressful day we can sit and relax enjoying the Hawaiian scenery and almost feel like we're back in Hawaii on the beach. We'll definitely purchase another piece from Scott, and we are both following his work on his website and on Facebook and we're often recommending Scott's work to our friends.


Matt Robinson
Fayetteville, AZ

Hey Scott,
Wanted to let you know we received the two pieces and they are beautiful!!! Marci was extra excited with the 2nd piece that was a surprise to her.  Thanks so much again. We will be in touch when we have enough wall space for a larger piece.

Be well.

Scott - It was such a pleasure to meet you, and as Brian said, I was so surprised and so excited to open the box to find not one, but TWO of your beautiful photographs. We'll cherish them forever as wonderful art AND as memory of our special time....

Brian & Marci Meyers
New York, NY

I grew up surfing next to the Scripps Pier in La Jolla....rain, sun, big surf or glassy barrels - that is where I spent my childhood.  I also have competed in Kona and Maui in the triathlon World Championships....lots of blood, sweat, tears and elation has been spent on the Hawaiian Islands for me. Your photographs bring me back to places where I have been the most happy in my life.  I can sit and look at your work and it is like I am right there under the pier or sitting on the beach.  I can almost feel the warmth of the sun through your photographs. Now that I am living in NYC I love having your artwork in my home.  Your work has given me a sense of peacefulness and calm which is so rare to find in a city that never sleeps. Thank you for all of your beautiful photographs.  I always look forward to seeing your new work.

Liz Vitai

New York, NY

I have received the pictures and I love them! I really liked how well packaged they were too because they got here safely. FOG is my favorite and looks better than I imagined. The others look great too. Since the ones I purchased look so good in our office space, I am looking to purchase a few more of your work. I will be going through your website to review your photographs. Thanks again and I hope you are doing well in beautiful Maui!

T. Hong
Fairfax, VA

I've been a long time admirer of Scott's talent and collector of his fine art. If someone were to ask me "Why do you collect his pieces?", my answer is simple, "Scott takes the kind of photographs that I envision in my mind, and shows me they exist in nature."

Chris Mazzochi, Ph.D.
Santa Barbara, CA

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